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What’s Changed in the Travel News After the Omicron Variant Cases in the UK

Amid the new strain – Omicron chaos in the UK, the government changed the travel rules again. The new Omicron variant spread caused havoc in the world in the last two weeks. The UK government said that travelers coming to the UK would have to take a COVID-19 test before their departure from the source to reduce the spread of the virus.

The UK health secretary Sajid Javid said that the new travel rules in the UK would be started from Tuesday at 4 am GMT. He added that tightening the travelling rules could help them curb the increase in the new variant cases. As per new guidelines, people aged 12 and more than that have to take a pre-departure test of Covid-19 before leaving. In addition, the maximum duration of the test will be 48 hours before leaving.

In the meantime, people who are travelling to the UK only need to self-isolate themselves until they test negative. BBC reported that people need to self-isolate for at least 2 days upon arriving in the UK.

The Health Secretary added that Nigeria is added to the red list of countries from today, i.e. Monday. People from Nigeria must have to quarantine themselves at least 10 days in a hotel, Sajid Javid confirmed. He said the strategy and guideline could help them buy some time to put effective measures in place. They will put protective measures in the right place to protect people from the new Omicron strain.

More than 20 cases are linked to Nigerian country travel in recent days. After South Africa, Nigeria is now the second number in terms of Omicron links.

The secretary said that people should get a booster shot as NHS is saying that vaccines are the first line of defense in the UK. Total 129 cases of Omicron have been reported in the UK so far.

On the other side, Prof Mark Woodhouse said that it is too late to apply travel bans in the UK to stop the Omicron spread in the UK. He added that this would not help us to stop the new variant wave in the winters.

He said that the numbers of Omicron variants in the UK are quite low now, but the actual numbers are more. This new variant spread more quickly and it will replace the Delta strain in the world in the coming weeks. BBC reported that Prof Woolhouse said that the new travel restrictions are too late to execute.

All international departures to the UK will need a mandatory pre-departure COVID-19 test to tackle the new Omicron spread.

The travelers need to submit reports of negative results to enter the UK. The Scottish and Welsh governments are also following the same travel rules. For more information visit SPUK .