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UK Records 44,985 COVID-19 Cases; ED Sheeran Tests Positive, What is New in UK Last Week

Another boost in the new coronavirus cases in the UK on Saturday, which totals more than 8 million in last week. The official figures on Saturday revealed the new threat this winter. In addition, figures reported 135 deaths due to COVID-19. WHO says that vaccines alone cannot protect the world from this pandemic. People and Governments need to focus on other measures too.

In the UK, researchers say the delay in lockdown in the UK will cost the country many lives. To curb the coronavirus, people need to use other protections, including masks, Sky News reported. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the government would be ready to fight this pandemic and review the constant measures to protect people. He added that there is nothing to indicate now that they are planning for a lockdown this winter in the UK. However, Government will do whatever they have to protect the lives of people.

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary told Downing Street that COVID-19 is not over and people need to follow safety measures. In the winter, the prediction of daily cases is more than 1 million a day; people need to follow the guidelines to protect themselves.

Ed Sheeran Tests Coronavirus Positive

Last week, Ed Sheeran attended an Award show in London. He posted on Instagram that he has sadly tested positive for coronavirus. He is self-isolating himself at his home in Suffolk and said that following government safety guidelines. He will be doing the planned interviews and performances from his house. Stay safe everyone at home.

Travel News in the UK

Travellers can use cheaper coronavirus tests than PCR in the UK, now. New rules allow travellers returning to the UK can take cheaper tests instead of expensive ones. The PCR tests are used to test COVID-19 in the people by the agencies. However, the government said that cheaper tests could help the tourism industry.

Before then, if you are travelling to the UK, you need to stay 10 days in quarantine and must do the PCR test upon arrival in the UK. Travellers need to buy them from private providers, the costs start from £19 in the UK. They need to book the tests before travelling to the United Kingdom.

This will apply to those under 18s who live in the country. Further, if a Traveler is tested positive, he/she needs to take the PCR test from NHS, which is free for them. These cheaper tests can provide faster results and help people to travel more in this pandemic.

UK Vaccination

Further, UK’s Prime Minister said that people need to get their booster jabs and must follow the safety guidelines to stay safe. Again, health experts say the numbers are very high in the UK last week and the government is planning new measures to curb them.

People should wear the mask and follow the safety guidelines to stay safe from this pandemic.

Researchers say the vaccines can save the country now and people should get the booster jabs to prevent coronavirus. For more visit SPUK