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How to Break the Cycle of Chronic Insomnia

No one in the world sleeps well every night. In addition, it is quite normal that there are always some reasons that keep us awake sometimes. However, if we are continuously feeling difficulty in falling asleep, then we may be suffering from insomnia. We should try to sleep better because sleepless nights may lead to many sleeping disorders resulting in many other health issues. – sleeping pills online

Lack of sleep leads to low energy levels, a dip in mood, low concentration power. We will feel sleepy and drowsy the whole day. Sleepless nights may lead to many other health issues like cardiovascular disorders, obesity, cancer, depression and anxiety. It also affects the performance of people at their workplace. That is why it is said that insomnia is a symptom of any other disease. Therefore, if we want to cure insomnia, firstly we have to find the reason that keeps our mind awake the whole night.

Causes of Insomnia

  1. Health issues: – People suffering from different health issues may undergo sleepless nights. Health issues like allergies, asthma, chronic pain, stomach issues, sleep apnoea, anxiety and depression keep people awake the whole night.
  2. Alcohol and food: – We often think that alcohol makes us fall asleep easily, which is true also. However, it disturbs the deep sleep that gives us proper rest. Some food items also disturb our sleep cycles like junk food and caffeine-based stuff.
  3. Some prescribed drugs that are taken for allergies and pain may lead to sleepless nights. Daily habits like working in rotational shifts, using electronic devices in bed can also alter your natural sleep cycle.

# Methods to break the cycle of insomnia:-

There are many methods to manage the sleep cycle. However, we should choose what fits best according to our cause of insomnia.

  1. Cognitive-behavioural therapy: – This therapy helps us in focusing on the negative thoughts that keep us awake the whole night. This is the best and most considered method to treat insomnia. Many strategies can work for us like breathing exercises that help us in throwing away the negative thoughts from our brain. This therapy helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  2. Medications: – There is some prescribed medicine also that can help us in treating insomnia like Eszopiclone, ramelteon and Zaleplon. You need to talk to an expert before buying sleeping pills online in UK. We should not take them for a long time, as they are addictive. We should take them only for a few weeks and then try to figure out a better way to deal with this issue.

Melatonin is also an option but it is not suitable for everyone and not prescribed to everyone. Before rain melatonin, people should consult the doctor, as it is considered in specific situations. People should not take it for more than 3 months.

However, some medications can also have some side effects like daytime sleepiness, dry mouth and blurred vision.

  1. Small lifestyle changes can also help us in treating insomnia. Like, use your bedroom only for sleeping and sex. People should keep all electronic devices away from the bedroom.
  • Keep your bedroom dark, noise-free, and cool which is suitable for a peaceful sleep.
  • Keep an eye on your eating and drinking habits before going to bed. As it plays important role in managing your sleep cycle.
  • Do some relaxing activities before going to bed like reading a book, listening to music and a hot shower.

Lastly, people should find out the reason that keeps them awake. Then, they should choose the method that is suitable for their condition. Talk to sleep experts to choose the best sleeping pills online in UK for a safe treatment.