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How Brexit is Affecting UK’s Business and Healthcare

UK scientists say that due to delays in Brexit, our healthcare system faces problems. Our research programmes are experiencing delays because of the Brexit negotiations. More than £100bn research programmes are delayed due to the Brexit negotiations over Northern Ireland, BBC reported.

Further, Brexit is also affecting the businesses in the UK. The delays in the negotiations damage the business operations in the UK and caused a frozen state in the country. In the EU’s Horizon programme, the UK has continued its participation. However, the agreement between them is delayed for months. The programme was designed to start new researches for societal and environmental issues.

Again, experts say the UK is dealing with delays in the fundamental research for different issues, including climate change and the recycling of plastic. UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it is hard to recycle plastic if we lack proper research in future.

In the Northern Ireland protocol, Boris Johnson says that the UK has feared the collaboration of scientific institutions after Brexit. The delay in the Brexit is making things worse and causing problems for both EU and UK. EU research institutions do not includeUK researchers in their programmes. It will affect the funding too in the future for research programmes.

On the other side, the EU is also facing similar issues. The MP’s are saying that to avoid the frozen state in the research programmes, we need to avoid delays in the Brexit. Last year, the UK agreed on the participation and funding for the EU’s Horizon programmes.

Now, due to delays in the Brexit, the association agreement is having signing issues.

We should call the negotiators and get the deal signed to avoid the negative effect on the UK’s Healthcare and Businesses. For more information, read BBC’s report here. For more visit SPUK.